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About Claire

I am an experienced genealogist who is passionate about rediscovering our ancestors and sharing their stories, lives and achievements with you, their descendants. I am particularly interested in local history and how our ancestors shaped our communities as well as how national and international events impacted on them. Everyone’s lives have a story to tell and I am keen to help you find those tales in your family.

I started researching my own family history over 10 years ago after hearing a family story about my great grandfather who was a chef on HMS Hood (seated, far right on the home page picture!) and wanted to know more about who this man was. When on maternity leave the research started in earnest on both mine and my husbands family (who have an attempted murderer who went to prison lurking in their family tree!) and led to volunteering to research the history of people and places in Box, Wiltshire where I live. For this, I visited the Wiltshire and Swindon Archive in Chippenham and unearthed a treasure trove of maps, planning applications, poor law records and Napoleonic War enlistment papers. I had finally found where I wanted to be! Now I undertake research for those who would like to uncover their own family stories.


Before I was a genealogist, I was a Science Communicator, working with schools and other organisations to enhance a love of science in young people and training scientists to communicate their work to the public. This love of science has led me to become particularly interested in DNA testing and how it can support family history research. Not only has DNA testing helped me break down brick walls and find elusive ancestors, it has enabled me to help people find mothers, fathers and siblings that they previously were not in contact with.


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