The Darker Side of Box

An Historical Walking Tour

Murder! Foul Play! Immoral Behaviour! Box has it all!

Join me on a walk from Box to Ashley and discover the darker side of Box. The untimely death of Ann Little, Box Mad House, railway accidents, World War 2 bombs and plane crashes, night time wandering through graveyards and much more.

Lasts approximately an hour and a half.

Due to the lighter evenings there will be no more Darker Walks until November 2022

'This tour really highlights the social side, bringing to life the everyday lives of people in Box and the harsh reality some of them were exposed to. Fascinating!’


A space on one of the walks is £7.50 per person


Book a private tour on a date or time to suit you, £50 for up to 10 people

Thank you to the wonderful Lisa Hounsome Photography for taking this great image!