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Claire is an experienced speaker, having delivered lectures on a wide range of history topics to Women Institutes, local history groups, public audiences, and school groups of all ages.

All talks last 40-45mins with an opportunity for questions and discussion at the end.

Who does your DNA say you are? is the subject of a fascinating talk about how DNA testing can support your family history research. In the talk Claire will explain the science behind the technique, why you might want to use it, what it might tell you using real examples as well as the possible unforeseen consequences.

Box - Its People and Places takes the listeners on a virtual tour of Box. Most famous for its tunnel built by Brunel in the late 1830s, attendees will discover Box is so much more than that! The talk will start in the Roman times via Victorian quarries and tennis balls to modern day celebrities! 

box tunnel.jpg

Brunel's Box Tunnel looks at how Brunel built the Box Tunnel, how 4000 navvies descending on Box impacted the village, and what the most common causes of navvy death were. It also looks at the lasting impact on the people of Box including its importance in the suffragette movement.

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The Darker Side of Wiltshire features the worst Wiltshire has to offer from gory murders and dastardly highwaymen to witch trials and haunted woods luring people to their deaths. Be prepared to be slightly scared by these true historical stories.

'Thank you SO much for giving such a fantastic talk in the village hall last Friday. The subject was fascinating and your delivery absolutely brilliant. I have received so many lovely comments from those who attended who enjoyed listening to you.'

Sarah, Shepton Montague Village Hall Committee


£45 plus travel expenses at 25p a mile from Box

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